This year for the Tractor Grad Show I wanted to create something pertinent to the client brief the students have been working on without giving the grad show a ‘theme’. I feel that graduation exhibitions that try to come up with a theme often detracts from the student work. After all it’s all about the students getting their work in front of the right people.

The students are working on a brief for Brand X. An important part of their brief is to encourage the general public to engage with art and design practice, so along with my bubbly intern Pauline Jen we landed on the decision to use the chalkboard wall here at the Tractor Studio to create the invitation by hand. By getting away from the computer, rolling up our sleeves and creating the invitation by hand – it’s a wink to the brief without smashing the audience directly in the face.

We created a template in illustrator and got to work on a Friday afternoon. It took us about 4 hours, one pack of chalk, two large coffee’s, one home made ravioli, one Double Fillet Bondi meal (with extra salt on chips please) and three Peroni beers, two of which were for me.

We took regular shots of the progress and made a quick animated GIF. Good times were had and it was a nice break from the norm.


Design Education – Infographic

An infographic I created first shown at the VIVID event in June. The data includes the results from the industry survey as shown during the event at the Museum of Contemporary Art.

The survey and infographic was possible thanks to media partners Australian InFront,DesktopThe LoopCreativeMornings/Sydney and AGDA NSW.

The event itself was possible thanks to panellists Kevin Finn, Chris Doyle, Chris Laws, Nick Gower and MC Matt Leach with special mention to Simon Pemberton.



Super Happy Tumblr Friends

Sometime in 2012 some designers from Melbourne put together a fun tumblr called Super Happy Tumblr Friends.

Each week comes with a new topic to interpret with an illustration. You have a week to respond with most designers (myself included) submitting their 600 x 400 .jpeg right on the deadline. Submissions are posted so we can all check out each others’ idea and there is a discussion on twitter to figure out the theme for next week.

This is really great.

I’m an advocate of twitter as a networking tool for designers and other creative types and this is an excellent offshoot. For me personally it’s a fun excuse to create something. Although it’s rare for a day to go by where I don’t open an Adobe product, I still enjoy mini projects like this.

Why not have a go yourself? I’d love to see what you make.

















By Flyn Tracy

Red carrier

Experiments with light

Long exposure photography, filters and a few cups of coffee helped create these.


Be my real valentine

Be my real valentine


Ma Vie Est Belle